Fast tips for your customers

Tip 1: Many windows require two treatments to deal with the elements. Plain, white blinds can moderate the heat and glare, while a sheer curtain can add a subtle shade of colour, atmosphere, and greater privacy when drawn.

Tip 2: Don’t get hung up on keeping everything the same within a room. The vertical fall of panel blinds versus the horizontal line of raised roman blinds, or the use of plantation shutters can helps define different spaces, such as large sliding doors vs a window seat space, sitting area, or street-facing windows.

Tip 3:  Ceiling mounts give you maximum height and a neat finish, mimicking the look of recessed tracks for a fraction of the price.


  • Do play to the strengths of each window
  • Do work within your budget
  • Spend money on the rooms you spend most time in
  • Do allocate the same amount for windows as joinery, especially with new builds
  • Do run blinds and curtains at the same height. The exceptions to this are when you have completely different ceiling and structural elements within the one room
  • Consider Plantation Shutters



  • Don’t buy amazing furniture then skimp on the quality of your window furnishings
  • Don’t think you have to have the same window treatments throughout the whole house
  • Don’t ignore the style of the house. The hardware of window treatments relate back to the style of home. An S-track, for instance, might not look right in a Federation house, or a room filled with antiques… and plantations shutters can pretty much suit all situations!